martedì 15 novembre 2011

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Hegel is my hero among philosophers, and I can never think of her as the justification of private property to reach the consciousness of free without visiting the cellar to find an instant confirmation", such as a Chianti Classico Vignamaggio, "birthplace of Leonardo's Mona Lisa. "But if you touch a few volumes of Thomas Aquinas, rather than resist with that "every wine of Montepulciano king" celebrated in his time by Francesco Redi. Even worse if you come in "jargon" unbearable Husserl, rely on stronger sturabudella you have! In short, there is a drink for every philosopher, fresh water to sparkling wine, and the latter are mainly the likes of Roger Scruton in this book even more challenging than usual. His is an ironic tribute to the gift of Bacchus, and even the traps of metaphysics - far dall'irritante verbiage with which the so-called experts write about wine and related genera, but attentive to the dialectic of history that for centuries has combined wine and culture .